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Our Story

Homa Multi Purpose Farmers Cooperative


Homa Multipurpose Farmer's Cooperative Coffee Producers and Exporters Company is a prestigious incorporated under the laws of Ethiopian
in the year 2009.
Homa named after a famous river in the surrounding area of the cooperative. The cooperative and its members have a strong connection with this river in their day to day life activities. That was the reason why they named their cooperative after this particular river.


Major objectives of the cooperative are:
* Coordinating the resource, knowledge and labor of members and help them solve their problems jointly.
* Increase income of members and improve their wellbeing by selling their coffee at better price.
In addition the following are specific objectives:
* To improve farmers' income by selling their coffee at better price
* To be represented on international and national market
* To improve and maintain the quality, productivity and sustainability of coffee production by Providing technical support and capacity building to members
*Expand modern coffee washing and processing plants.
*To assist coffee farmers communities in providing social services
*To stabilize the local market

Who We Are

The cooperative was established in November 1995 by 212 small scale farmers of which 16 female and 196 male founding members. Currently the cooperative has 1,996 members and 12,120 families with annual production of 765 MT and 17,120 square kilometer of coffee farm land. Since establishment, the Cooperative encompasses planting of Yirgacheffee coffee and processing, it was supplying to Oromia Coffee farmers Cooperative Union for more than twenty years. Now the cooperative already started coffee exporting to different countries by its own means. Homa Multi-Purpose Farmers Cooperative West Guji, Abaya district, Foge Kebele , Oromia region, Ethiopia. The location is one of the coffee growing are in Ethiopia with young coffee plants and excellent flavor. Producing organic Yirgacheffee Supplying both washed and natural coffee in good quality and big quantity.

What We Do

The company intends to realize its business objectives via the concept of engaging in coffee plantation and processing. Currently engaged in investment projects of quality coffee processing and export specialty and traceable Yirgacheffe coffee. Its owns primary wet and dry mill coffee processing plant with complete machinery, equipment and warehouse.


Homa Multi Purpose Farmers Cooperative


To ensure that members' high quality coffee receive highest possible price in international market and thereby generate better income for members


To see that the economic and social living standard of the member farmers have improved to universally acceptable standard.


Customer firs, trusted by the buyers and farmers, Integrity, Honest to farmers and the customers'.

Our Duties And Responsibilities

Homa Multi Purpose Farmers Cooperative

Our Duties And Responsibilities

Our Staff

Homa Multi Purpose Farmers Cooperative

  • Bari Morkata
  • General Manager
  • +251 934773825
  • info@homacoop.com
  • Tekle Tadesse
  • Export manager
  • +251 961377220
  • info@homacoop.com