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Our Story

Homa Multi Purpose Farmers Cooperative


Homa Multipurpose Farmer's Cooperative Coffee Producers and Exporters Company is a prestigious incorporated under the laws of Ethiopian
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Major objectives of the cooperative are:
* Coordinating the resource, knowledge and labor of members and help them solve their problems j

Who We Are

The cooperative was established in November 1995 by 212 small scale farmers of which 16 female and 196 male founding members. Currently the cooperativ

What We Do

The company intends to realize its business objectives via the concept of engaging in coffee plantation and processing. Currently engaged in investmen

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Total farmer
Male 1589, Female 407 & Total families 12120


Total area in Ha
Land covered by coffee trees and ready for production 1581 Ha


Annual production /kg


Growing Organic %

Our Service

Homa Multi Purpose Farmers Cooperative

Washed Yirgacheffe, Sidamo and Gujii

.Yirgacheffe--------------G1 and G2
.Sidamo-------------------G1 and G2
.Gujii-----------------------G1 and G2


.Yirgacheffe--------------G1 and G2
.Sidamo-------------------G1 and G2
.Gujii----------------------G1 and G2
.Yirgacheffe--------G3,G4 and G5
.Sidamo--------------G3,G4 and G5
.Gujii-----------------G3,G4 and G5

Special preparation

• Washed Gujii Fogge
• Washed Yirgacheffe Fogge
• Natural Yirgacheffe Shara
• Natural Gujii Shara
• Honey Yirgacheffe Bukisa
• Honey Gujii Bukisa

Why Choose Us!

Homa Multi Purpose Farmers Cooperative

To improve and maintain the Good quality, productivity, and sustainability of coffee production. To promote our coffee in local and international markets. To facilitate the supply of technology, farm inputs, and other goods. To facilitate investments in social and other profitable projects. Participate in social impact activities.

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